Efforts underway to grow 2 crops per year in Naga Self-Administered Zone

March 4


Efforts are being made to grow two crops a year in the Naga Self-Administered Zone, only one crop is grown each year, said U Thein Tun Tin, the Agriculture Department head in the Naga Self-Administered Zone.


“Naga region mostly grow only one crop per year. This year, they are making efforts to engage double cropping per year. We are also providing the awareness to the local farmers to grow more crops to ensure sufficient domestic consumption,” he was quoted as saying.


The local farmers from the Naga area are urged to cultivate terrace cultivation instead of shifting cultivation.


“Upland paddy and vegetables are mainly grown during monsoon in Naga area. The farmers are mainly engaging in shifting cultivation. The shifting cultivation is a waste of soil and impact on the environment. Besides, forest fires also affect biological processes. Therefore, we are urged them to cultivate a model cultivation system,” he elaborated.


“The stair cultivation is used mostly in Leshi and Htanparkhwe townships. The local farmers from Leshi, Htanparkhwe and Pansawng areas are focusing on the farming system and it makes sufficient of the domestic consumption. There are many shifting cultivation areas in Donhee and Nanyun and it will need to be sufficient of the domestic consumption,” he added. “Now, they are cultivating orange, avocado and pineapple. There is a shortage of perennial corps in Lahe township. So, we urged them to cultivate perennial crops. But we need to distribute the seeds of crops. Leshi township is one of the developed townships in the Naga area. The terrace farming are developed a lot in the area which can make sufficient of the domestic consumption,” explained the Agriculture Department head. — Lu Lay/GNLM