Dragon fruit selling well in Ngaphe Township

July 14

The dragon fruits cultivated using irrigation are highly yielded in Pin Oo village, Ngaphe Township of Minbu District. The high demand allows the growers to generate family income, said a grower U Kan Gyi Maung of Ngaphe Myoma Ward.

There are over 1,000 dragon fruit plants on 3 acres of land in the north of Pin Oo village. The cultivation of a one-year-old plant started in January 2017. The plants are over five years old. The plant bears fruits after six months of cultivation. Natural fertilizer is utilized in cultivation. The spacing is three feet apart between plants and five feet apart between posts. The plants can be harvested about seven times per year. About 10,000 dragon fruits were produced last year. The fruits are delivered to Magway and Yangon cities. The price of dragon fruits moved in the range of K400 and K750 per fruit. The business allows to earn a handsome profit for the growers, said U Kan Gyi Maung. — Ma Yu (Ngaphe IPRD)/GNLM