Don’t forget the national duty to eradicate narcotic drugs

September 26, 2022


Problems of narcotic drugs which have been posing danger to all kinds of humanity throughout the world are much harmful to the health, peace and stability and development of global countries. As such, those countries are trying to escape from such a nightmare in various ways.
This being so, the global countries are facing newer and newer challenges in solving the problems of narcotic drugs. Although they are fighting the drug producers, abusers and traffickers, some drug lords are still manipulating the underground narcotic drug arena with uncountable worthy in possession, obtained from illicit trafficking.
Currently, as many kinds of high-quality manmade narcotic drugs are secretly penetrating the narcotic drug field with momentum, all global countries need to further cooperate with each other in drug control measures. Moreover, the advancement of technologies benefits people to have higher living standards. On the other hand, narcotic drug gangs, taking advantage of developing technologies, are committed to producing and trafficking narcotic drugs and precursor chemicals in various ways and means.
The black money and proceeds obtained from drug-producing and trafficking processes support the acceleration of terror attacks, arms struggles and transnational crimes, which are harmful to the peace and stability of border areas. As such, all global countries need to accept the concept that all have to closely cooperate with one another in tackling the drug problems in order to seek the best solution for all.
Myanmar has pledged to launch special operations for the eradication of narcotic drugs in cooperation with regional countries in its efforts for drug abuse control with strong response at home while emphasizing the narcotic drug suppression sector by joining hands with neighbouring and regional countries.
As precursor chemicals are essential for making narcotic drugs, priority must be given to systematic control and restriction of these chemical items so as not to have flowed into the drug-making procedures. Due to the fact that precursor chemicals flow into the drug production sites in various ways and means, booming the manmade narcotic drug production becomes the main challenge for all kinds of humanity.
Currently, Myanmar is placing an emphasis on the prevention of abusing precursor chemicals by restricting 39 kinds of precursor chemicals used in narcotic drug production in accordance with the International Drug Control Conventions and necessaries of Myanmar. Everybody should not underestimate the danger of narcotic drugs and should not forget their national duty to eradicate narcotic drugs by sacrificing their lives for the sake of the nation and its nationals if necessary.