Current situation of Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre

May 27


THERE were ten onion trucks and eight potato trucks at the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre on the morning of 26 May, according to the data of the centre.


Although the 10 onion trucks carried 60,000 visses, the price was not high as the transaction was slack, said buyer Ko Aung.


About 20 onion trucks enter the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre daily while there are about 50 some days.


On 26 May, the prices of Monywa onion were K550 per viss of medium size, K775 per viss of special medium size, and K875 per viss of medium and special sizes. The price of Pakokku onion was K600-740-825 per viss, K1,400 per viss of China potato, K1,100 per viss of Heho potato (black) A1 size, K1,350 for OK while S1 was K1,400, S2 K1,450 and K2,900 for one small bag of Kyukok garlic.


It was K1,650 per viss of S2 Shan garlic, K2,300 per viss of S3, K3,050 per viss of S4 and K3,500 per viss of S5, according to the garlic wholesale centre in Yetamar road of Bayintnaung.


The prices of Kyukok garlic drastically decline. On 8 March 2022, the wholesale price of Kyukote garlic was K6,800-K7,000 per viss while K4,550-4,850 on 22 April and K3,800-K4,000 on 4 May.


The consumers buy the Kyukok garlic at K6,000 per viss, housewife Ma Myo from Lanmadaw Township told the GNLM. She bought about 60 ticals at K4,300 from one shopping centre of her township, she added.


The price of Shan potato was K1,600-1,900-2,000-2,100 on 7 March and K1400-1600-1700 on 25 April. The retail price of potatoes is K2,400 per viss and K1,500 per kilogramme, according to the buyers.


On 26 May 2021, the same period as last year, the wholesale price of onion at Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre was K175- 300-350 per viss while K1,200- 1,400-1,600-1,800 per viss of Shan garlic, K2,400-2,500 per viss of Kyukok garlic and K300-430-450 per viss of Shan potato.


Although the transaction is slack at the Bayintnaung market, the prices of onion, garlic and potato were higher this year when compared to the same period of last year, and the farmers earn more income, U San Myint, a food supplier to the delta region told the GNLM. —TWA/GNLM