COVID-19 vaccine drive continues in various states, regions

August 10


Doctors and nurses from public hospitals, Tatmadaw medical teams, healthcare workers and volunteers are working hard to give COVID-19 vaccines in different states and regions as the vaccination programme is one of the most important activities in the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 disease.


COVID-19 vaccine is administered daily to target groups regardless of race or religion, including Buddhist monks and nuns, local people over the age of 40, students, religious leaders, prisoners, people with disabilities, ethnic armed groups, people with chronic diseases, people in IDP camps and over 12-year-old students, respectively.


Yesterday, doctors and nurses from public hospitals, medical teams from the Tatmadaw, relevant healthcare workers in collaboration with volunteers gave COVID-19 vaccines to 126 people from Yankin Township in Yangon Region, 7,378 people from twenty-six townships in Ayeyawady Region, 1,527 people from eight townships in Rakhine State, 4,761 from seven districts in Mandalay Region, and 103 local people in Toungoo Township, Bago Region respectively.


Similarly on that day, healthcare officials gave the vaccines to 3,969 students from twenty-six townships in Ayeyawady Region, and 1,214 students from five townships in Rakhine and Chin States and 8,213 students from seven districts in Mandalay Region.


It is reported that officials from the respective Military Commands visited the site and coordinated the necessary work. — MNA