Chinshwehaw border trade value surpasses US$291 mln as of 7 July

Myanmar conducted trade worth US$291.393 million with the neighbouring country Chi­na through the Chinshwehaw border between 1 April and 7 July of the current financial year 2023-2024, comprising exports worth $68.2 million and imports worth $223.182 million, the statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce indicated.


The figure was up by $266 million this FY compared to the corresponding period last FY. Both exports and imports grew over the past three months.


The main export items were green gram, rice bean, kidney bean, rubber, broken rice, natural rubber, butter bean, lentil, lablab bean and black sesame.


Iron and steel products, fertilizers, cotton, lace and lace tiles, aircon, machines and spare parts, electrical ap­pliances and kitchen utensils were mostly imported.


Myanmar opened five bor­der posts with China: Muse, Lweje, Kampaiti, Chinshwe­haw and Kengtung. —TWA/KK