China imports over 36,000 tons of mangos from Muse border since May

14 July


MYANMAR  exported  over  36,000  tons  of  mangos  to  Chi-na through the Muse 105th mile border  trade  zone  between  May and early July this man-go season, according to border traders.


China imported 21,678 tons of  marketable  mangos  from  Myanmar  in  May  and  19,569  tons in June. From 1-25 June, Myanmar’s exports of mango reached 12,837 tons. Between 26 June and 2 July, 1,584 tons of  mangos  were  delivered  to  China. Myanmar has exported mangos  to  its  largest  neigh-bouring  country  since  April  this  season.  Mango  exports  through  the  Muse  gate  was  highest in May. Currently, the Muse  border  saw  a  gradual  decline in the export of mangos to China.


Mango growers are satis-fied with stable mango prices, as  there  has  been  no  signifi-cant  change  in  mango  prices  throughout the mango season. The  currency  exchange  rate  stood at K215 per yuan in July, when the price of high-quality mangos hit 1,000, to 9,300 yuan per ton (equivalent to some two million in local currency).


The marketable varieties of mangos imported by China include Seintalon, Yingwe and Padamyangamauk, which are grown  in  Kyaukse,  Ohnchaw,  Paleik, Sagaing, ChaungU and Taunggyi.


There  are  some  250,000  acres  of  mango  plantations  throughout  the  country,  and  200,000 acres of plantations can yield about 700,000 tons of man-gos.  Myanmar’s  mangos  are  mainly exported to China and India, followed by Bangladesh, Thailand,  Korea,  Singapore  and Japan.


In a bid to ensure the sys-tematic  exports  of  pineapple,  the pineapple exporters group from Lashio and Hsibaw town-ships met, at the fruit broker-age  center  of  the  Muse  105thmile  trade  zone  on  21  June.  Pineapple  farmers  have  diffi-culty  in  exporting  pineapple  at  Wantain.  They  reached  an  agreement on the sale of pine-apple  at  the  Muse  105th  mile  fruit  wholesale  center,  which  included  watermelon,  musk-melon  and  mango.—Khine  Khant


(Translated  by  Khaing  Thanda Lwin)