Border trade value increases by $ 1.15 bln this fiscal year

21 July


FROM  1  October  to  5  July  in  this fiscal year (FY), the value of border  trade  reached  US$  8.02  billion,  recording  an  increase  of  $1.15  billion  compared  to  the  same  period  of  last  fiscal  year,  according to the Ministry of Com-merce.


The  total  value  of  border  trade, as of 5 July this FY, includ-ed  $5.6  billion  in  exports  and  $  2.4 billion in imports. Compared with the last FY, export earnings went up over $1.06 billion, while the value of imports increased by $86  million.  This  time  last  year,  the  border  trade  was  valued  at  $6.87 billion.


Myanmar  conducts  border  trade  with  China  through  the  Muse,  Lwejel,  Kanpikete,  Chin-shwehaw and Kengtung border points.


The  country  has  carried  out  border  trade  with  Thailand  through the Tachilek, Myawady, Kawthoung,  Myeik,  Hteekhee,  Mawtaung  and  Maese  border  gates.  The  cross-border  trade  camps  between  Myanmar  and  Bangladesh  are  Sittway  and  Maungtaw,  whereas  the  coun-try trades directly with India via the Tamu and Reed border gates.


Myanmar  has  opened  17  border  trade  camps  along  its  border. Among them, Muse and Hteekhee  border  trade  camp  sees  the  highest  trade  volume.  Muse  topped  the  list  of  border  checkpoints with the most trade value of $3.89 billion, followed by Hteekhee  with  $1.89  billion  and  Myawady with $722 million.


The  country's  agricultural  products, animal products, fisher-ies, minerals and forest products are mainly exported, while capital goods,  intermediate  goods  and  consumer goods are imported.


Currently, some 80 per cent of the country’s external trade is carried out via sea routes.—Zwe (Translated by Hay Mar)