Bayintnaung market: weekly commodity prices

August 10


The onion, chilli, and bean prices were high while the market received a large amount of chilli at the highest prices from 3 to 9 August.


The Shan garlic was priced at K2,100-2,750-3,150-3,700 per viss and K3,300-3,350 per viss of Kyukok garlic.


Moreover, the black gram price rose by about K27,000 per tonne during this week and the pigeon pea prices dropped by K20,000 per tonne.



The onion prices remained unchanged from 3 to 6 August and it rose by K100 per viss on 8 August and the big onion rose to K2,300 per viss on 9 August. Seikbyu onion K1,500-1,850-3,050-2,100, Myingyan onion K1,650-2,050-2,200-2,300 and Monywa onion K1,650-2,050-2,200-2,300 per viss in wholesale price.


The highest prices per viss of the regional commodity are Seikbyu onion at K1,850, Pakokku onion at K2,000 and Myingyan onion at K2,000 on 9 August.



The Chinese potato prices were K2,000-2,050 per viss on 9 August while K1,200-1,400-1,850-1,900 per viss of Shan potato.



The chilli price rose like bean price every day and in early August. The price remained unchanged on 9 August. On the same day, the wholesale price of refrigerated rainy chilli pepper is K18,500-19,000, bell pepper price is K16,500-17,000, refrigerated Sinphyukyun bell pepper K16,500, Myitwa bell pepper K17,000 and the Dutch chile K15,500, respectively.



The price of rice rose this week. On 9 August, Shwebo Pawsan was priced at K80,000-K88,000 per bag while K61,000-K65,000 per bag of Pathein-Myaungmya rice, K59,000-K63,000 per bag of Pyapon Pawsan, K43,000-K46,000 per bag of Pawkywe, K39,000-K41,000 per bag of 90-day rice and K34,000-K35,000 per bag of double-cropping rice, according to the Bayintnaung market.


Palm oil

The Yangon-based palm oil reference price remained at K3,525 per viss from 8 to 14 August and the barrel oil price outside the Yangon market is still about K8,500 per viss. One 18-litre container of oil is priced at K88,000.



On 9 August, the black gram (FAQ/RC) was priced at K1,787,000 per tonne and the pigeon pea (Red/RC) was priced at K1,870,000. On 9 August, the price for a tonne of black gram rose by K27,000. — TWA/GNLM