Banana growers reap profit amid strong demand

February 29, 2020

Banana growers from Nyaung Pin Sauk Village in Pwintbyu Township of Magway region said they are pleased with the profits they have made this year as a result of strong demand in the local market.

Local farmers from Pwintbyu Township have been cultivating bananas (Pheegyan) on a commercial scale to earn an extra income. They have been cultivating not just Pheegyan bananas, but also other varieties of bananas. But, this year, only Pheegyan bananas are in high demand in the local market, and growers in the village said they are, therefore, cultivating only marketable varieties of Pheegyan bananas on a commercial scale.

Some farmers are growing one or two banana plants per hole, while some are growing four plants per hole.

“This year, Pheegyan bananas are helping farmers earn a high profit. Last year, we priced one bunch of Pheegyan bananas between K500 and K600. But, this year, we are making between K1,000 and K1,200 per bunch said U Myo Win Tun, a local Pheegyan banana grower from Nyaung Pin Sauk village in Pwintbyu Township. —Ye Win Naing (Nyaung U) (Translated by Hay Mar)