Aung Bar Lay lottery tickets worth over K4,700 mln sold in Jan

Aung Bar Lay lottery tickets worth more than K4,700 mil­lion were sold out in January 2023 and sales increased over the previous month, according to a statement from the Aung Bar Lay Branch of the Inter­nal Revenue Department on 31 January.


More than 4.7 million tickets were sold in January earning over K4,700 million. It is announced that more than K3,300 million, 70 per cent of the sales, will be awarded as lottery prizes.


The sale of above 4.3 mil­lion lottery tickets in Decem­ber brought proceeds of over K4,300 million. Compared to January’s sales of over K4,700 million, lottery sales in Janu­ary increased by about K400 million.


The opening of the Aung Bar Lay lottery was held on 1 February and there was only a special prize of K500 million, and the number of K50 mil­lion, K20 million, K10 million, K5 million, K2 million and K1 million prizes was increased. — TWA/CT