Approximately three to four truckloads of Seintalone mango daily shipped to China


May 9,2022


ABOUT 3-4 truckloads of Seintal­one mango are daily conveyed to China, said U Kyaw Soe Naing, general secretary of Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association (Man­dalay).


The mango yield decreas­es in the regions and states at the moment. Yet, they will be abundant in the market in the coming weeks.


“The number of trucks is low at present. Moreover, yield rate is not that high. The man­goes will abundantly flow into market in the mid-May,” U Kyaw Soe said.


The prices of mango touched a high of 120-160 Yuan per 16 kilo.


As mango is perishable goods and delay can harm fruit quality, the authorities con­cerned are making efforts to transport the mango as soon as possible. It takes only three days for shipment, U Kyaw Soe Naing continued.


Myanmar’s mango export­ers are facing challenges such as delay triggered by the virus pol­icy, customs policy impeding the exports and high transportation cost to enter China. Therefore, some growers are enthusiastic to distribute them only in the domestic market, said Sai Khin Maung from Khwarnyo fruit depot.


The Good Agricultural Prac­tices are required for mango ex­ports to China. Moreover, the growers and workers have to strictly adhere to COVID-19 preventive measures such as washing hands, wearing masks and gloves, and sanitation in the packaging process, according to Khwarnyo fruit depot.


“The mangoes delivered in the first batch fetched only 50-70 Yuan per basket as the disinfect­ing the fruit caused the quality degradation. The actual market price is 100-140 Yuan for Sein­talone and Shwehintha mango varieties. If virus is found on one basket, goods loaded onto the truck will be discarded. There will be no compensation for that,” Sai Khin Maung said.


Of about 200 mango varie­ties originated in Myanmar, Sein­talone, Shwehintha, Padamyar Ngamauk, Yinkwe, Machitsu va­rieties are primarily grown. For­eign market prefers Seintalone varieties. Ayeyawady Region possesses the largest mango plantation acres, having about 46,000 acres. Bago Region is the second largest producer with 43,000 acres and Mandalay Re­gion has 29,000 acres of mango. There are over 24,000 acres in Kayin State, over 20,400 acres in Shan State and over 20,000 acres in Sagaing Region, according to the association.—NN/GNLM