All Tatmadaw members must observe discipline and dutifully serve assignments for uplifting the prestige of Tatmadaw: Senior General

Leaders need to create good environs for Tatmadaw members and families under fair admin­istration, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with Tatmadaw members and families of Hainggyikyun station of South- West Command at the local naval region command headquarters yesterday morning.


Regularly serving daily du­ties means taking training

In his address, the Senior General said that all Tatmadaw members must have three ca­pacities to dutifully serve their assignments and they have to persistently take training. A regular serving of daily duties by all Tatmadaw members in in­dividuals is taking the training. They all have to avoid indulgence and exercise practices of having health and fitness. If not, their acts will harm their interests as well as that of families and or­ganizations.


Emphasizing improvement of individual life and disci­plinary acts

They all need to read liter­ature for general knowledge as well as for the development of their lives. They should share their knowledge with companions to create military unity and good social environs. Leaders need to create good environments for Tatmadaw members and families under fair administration.


Operating military own and manageable-scale agricul­ture and livestock farming tasks

As the local economy was encouraged, the current State economy develops to some ex­tent. Tatmadaw members and families are to carry out military own and manageable-scale agri­culture and livestock farms to be able to contribute to their liveli­hoods. Military own agriculture and livestock farms can support the welfare tasks of all Tatmadaw members, selling meat, fish and vegetables at fair prices.


Promotions educational qualifications

All Tatmadaw members must give an education legacy to their offspring to turn out a new generation of youths on whom they, Tatmadaw and the State can rely. All Tatmadaw members must observe discipline and duti­fully serve assignments for uplift­ing the prestige of the Tatmadaw.


Presenting foodstuffs and cash awards

The Senior General present­ed foodstuff for Tatmadaw mem­bers and families to the local na­val region command commander.


The Senior General attended to the needs of Tatmadaw mem­bers and families.


Yesterday afternoon, the Senior General heard reports on military affairs of the naval region command headquarters, security, controlling the region, rule of law, development of the region and regional data.


The Senior General gave in­structions on security, rule of law, agriculture and livestock farming tasks, disciplinary acts, education promotion of Tatmadaw mem­bers and accumulation of general knowledge. — MNA/TTA