Agriculture Department targets 20,274 summer sesame acres in Minbu Township

April 19


ACCORDING to the Department of Agriculture, a total of 20,274 acres of summer sesame crops is projected in Minbu (Sagu) Township, Magway Region, to have the edible oil self-sufficiency.


The summer sesame crops will be cultivated with irrigation networks provided by dams and river projects. Aingma weir will supply adequate irrigation water for 16,700 acres; the kanni river water pumping project will cover 450 acres; the Kyauksan water pumping project will support 400 acres, and the underground irrigation networks will provide water for 821 acres, totalling 20,274 acres.


“There are 40,044 acres of monsoon paddy in Minbu Township. The department targets to grow 20,274 acres of sesame in summer. The department is raising awareness for the growers regarding meeting the target, producing the pedigree crops, having a good agricultural practice and adequate inputs and pest control management,” said U Zaw Min Thu, deputy officer from the Township Agriculture Department.—Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM