Afghan road mishap kills 2, injures 5 in Bamyan province

 At least two commuters died and five others were injured as a mini-bus turned turtle in Afghanistan's central Bamyan province on Thursday, provincial police spokesman Muhammad Khawani Rasa said Friday.

Blaming reckless driving for the mishap, the official said that the driver's carelessness in driving on a congested road in Waras district Thursday afternoon led to the death of the two travelers and the injury of five others, with two of them in critical condition.

This is the fourth road accident in the country since Tuesday. Six more people had been killed and 16 others injured in separate road accidents in Logar, Nuristan and Takhar provinces of Afghanistan on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dilapidated roads, lack of security measures during travel, using old vehicles and reckless driving are often blamed for road accidents in Afghanistan.