Adhere to traffic regulations crucial for accident prevention

Despite the escalating number of vehicles in Myanmar, there has been a noteworthy decline in traffic accidents, as reported by the Road Transport Administration Department. Up until the end of October 2023, more than 6,510,000 vehicles, encompassing buses, private cars, light trucks, cargo trucks, heavy machinery, and others, were registered with the department. Remarkably, the incidence of traffic accidents has been consistently decreasing year after year.


The department’s statistics reveal that a total of 4,050 traffic ac­cidents occurred across Myanmar in the ten months from January to October 2023, compared to 4,744 cases during the corresponding period of the previous year, marking a decline of 694 cases. Similarly, the number of injuries resulting from traffic accidents from January to October 2022 was 6,613, with 2,343 fatalities, compared to 5,656 injuries and 2,068 deaths in the same period of 2023. This represents a decrease of 957 injuries and 275 deaths.


This positive trend is at­tributed to the collaborative efforts of authorities in traffic rule enforcement bodies at various levels and the dedi­cated work of the Traffic Po­lice Force, coupled with the vigilant and cautious driving practices of individuals aimed at reducing casualties in traf­fic accidents in 2023.


To further mitigate traffic accidents and casualties, it is imperative for all drivers to drive with utmost concentra­tion on their current tasks, set­ting aside other distractions. This not only ensures their safety but also safeguards the well-being of those accompa­nying the drivers. Additionally, authorities from traffic rule enforcement bodies and the traffic police force must take unbiased action against any traffic rule offenders. Swift action against violators has the potential to save countless lives of road users and passengers.


Furthermore, the responsibility for preventing traffic accidents extends beyond vehicle drivers and conductors to encompass all road users. Those who neglect traffic rules put themselves at risk of accidents, leading to inevitable casualties. The severe consequences of injuries and fatalities in traffic accidents alter the original structures and lives of those affected. Consequently, strict adherence to traffic rules is crucial for the interests and safety of everyone on the road.


During the period from January to October 2023, Yangon Re­gion reported the highest number of traffic accidents with 712 cases, followed by Ayeyawady Region with 612 and Mandalay Region with 565. Therefore, it is imperative for all individuals to unwaveringly follow traffic rules to avoid the regrettable aftermath of accidents and steer clear of the adverse impacts and disadvantages associ­ated with such incidents.