62 investments logged in Yangon Region in 2023

According to statistics re­leased by the Yangon Region Investment Commission, 62 lo­cal and foreign investments were made in Yangon Region in 2023.


Of these, 46 were foreign invest­ments, three were joint ventures, and Myanmar citizens made the remaining 13. Most investments were in the elec­tricity, service, and industrial sectors.


These foreign direct investments (FDIs) created over 32,000 job opportu­nities and came from countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and others.


The endorsed enterprises covered a wide range of sectors, including the distribution of electricity from solar energy systems, oil production from grinding peanuts and sunflowers, pu­rification and manufacturing of palm oil, dyeing and printing on fabrics and textiles, garment factories using the CMP system, warehousing and logistics services, hotels and tourism services, rice grinding and polishing, manufac­turing various types of electric wires, manufacturing of aluminium, tin, and copper for export, exporting high-value rubbers, producing and selling card­boards in the domestic market, man­ufacturing various types of shoes with cut, make, and package systems, man­ufacturing and exporting construction materials, packaging and exporting fruits and vegetables with cold stor­age systems, manufacturing instant noodles, manufacturing value-added rice, grinding and polishing beans and pulses for export, and manufacturing construction-used grinding stones. — TWA/ TMT