60th Aungbarlay Lottery sale yields over K4.9 billion

Aungbarlay Lottery Di­rectorate under the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) announced that the 60th Aung­barlay Lottery, which will be opened on 1 March, earned sales volume of more than K4.9 billion.


For the 60th lottery, a total of 490,912 lottery ticket booklets were sold. The total amount of the 59th lottery ticket sale was over K5,522.76 billion, more than K613.64 billion than that of the 59th lottery ticket sale.


For the 60th Aungbarlay Lottery, one prize of K500 mil­lion, one prize of K200 million, one prize of K100 million, two prizes of K50 million, two priz­es of K20 million, five prizes of K10 million, eight prizes of K5 million, 12 prizes of K2 million, 13 prizes of K1 mil­lion, 30 prizes of K300,000, 300 prizes of K200,000, 3,000 priz­es of K100,000, 20,000 prizes of K50,000 and 100,000 prizes of K10,000 will be awarded. — TWA/TKO