WHO pandemic review panel highlights effective multilateralism in COVID-19 response

A latest interim report by the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response highlighted effective multilateralism in the preparation and response to the COVID-19 crisis, saying that the consequences of this pandemic remind the world of how important effective multilateralism is.
Air travel down 60 per cent as airline industry losses top $370 billion
WITH its latest economic impact analysis of COVID-19 now completed, the UN agency for civil aviation has confirmed that international passenger traffic suffered a dramatic 60 per cent drop over 2020, bringing air travel totals back to 2003 levels.
Plan to shape Khuepra Hill (Shwe mountain range) area as new tourist destination in Kayah State
Global countries are encountering the declines of tourism industries respectively during the Covid-19 pandemic period.
Myanmar and ASEAN maritime cooperation

Building awareness of proper COVID-19 protective behaviour key to returning to (new) normal
With universal access to COVID-19 vaccinations in Myanmar still months away, Myanmar is entering a new phase. Keeping the number of new infections limited depends for a large part on how successful the Government will be in persuading citizens to stick to proper protective behaviour in the “new normal”.
World Insights: Challenges, solutions for disrupted world in post-pandemic era
THE year of 2021 will be critical for the whole world that is struggling to end the COVID-19 pandemic and committed to addressing its long-term impacts. 
Loilem with natural beauties in southern Shan State
Beautiful forests, mountains and lakes in various parts of the country are the significant features of Myanmar. Different regions and states have possessed their own natural beauties for the whole the year.