Rural electrification facilities inaugurated in Yesagyo Tsp.


Pakokku 30 October


Inauguration ceremonies of rural electrification facilities were held in six villages in Yesagyo Township, Magway Region yesterday.


In Hnaungba village, an inauguration ceremony of rural electricity facilities was held in the village yesterday evening. The electrification project was implemented with funds of Magway Region Government and public contribution.


In Alaekyaw(West), Yatthakyun and Zeebinkyun villages, rural electrification projects were also undertaken with funds of regional government and public contribution. Under the National Electrification Project NEP, Hintha and Koyint villages were also distributed electricity.


In the township, a total of 13 villages were distributed electricity under NEP and 14 villages received electricity under the arrangement of regional government.


Ko Zaw (Chemistry)

Translated by Suyee