Head-on collision claims one dead, two injured in Labutta Twsp

One man was killed and two others sustained minor injuries in a head-on collision between a passenger bus and a light truck in Labutta Township, Ayeyawady Region.     
Handmade guns seized from Myitkyina man
A local police seized two percussion lock firearms from a man in house search, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Drugs, weapons seized in Theinni Twsp
An anti-drug squad raided the house of a suspected drug smuggler in Ward-4, Theinni Township in Northern Shan State at about 2:30 p.m. on August 4 based on an anonymous tip.     
Fire breaks out in Paung Twsp.
A fire broke out at about 9:00 pm on 4 August in Mingalar Market in Kada Ward in Paung Township, Mon State.
Two women succumb to injuries from traffic accident in Pantanaw Twsp
Two women were killed and one other injured after a 12-wheel truck hit a motorbike in Pantanaw Township, Ayeyawady Region on 29 July, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Fire breaks out in Mong Yawng Twsp.
Fire broke out in a two-story house of U Nwe Awn Yun in Pasat Village, Mong Yawng Township, Shan State (East) this morning.
Driver, coworker killed as passenger bus plummets into ditch
Two people were killed and 12 others slightly injured a passenger bus fell into drainage in Yebyu Township, Taninthayi Region, the Ministry of Home Affairs reported.