Half of world's beaches could vanish by 2100

Climate change and sea level rise are currently on track to wipe out half the world's sandy beaches by 2100, researchers warned Monday.
Bullied Australian boy to donate $475,000 to charity
An Australian boy with dwarfism whose distress from bullying became a viral video will donate hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in donations to charity rather than a trip to Disneyland.
World's oldest man dies in Japan at 112
A Japanese man recently named the world's oldest living male has died aged 112, a local official said Tuesday.
What makes dogs so special? Science says love
The idea that animals can experience love was once anathema to the psychologists who studied them, seen as a case of putting sentimentality before scientific rigor.
2 tourists killed, more than 20 others injured in Phuket's boat collision
Two people were killed and more than 20 others injured when two speedboats collided in Phuket on Monday morning, police said.
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There may be differences of opinion among us.

Record-breaking US astronaut set to return to Earth