Preserve the existence of invaluable mural paintings from ancient buildings

July 14

Various kinds of mural paintings created on the walls of ancient monuments and religious edifices can be dubbed as the windows of the human mind because our forefathers created the artistic works as mural paintings at these locations.

Those forefathers presented their daily experiences as mural paintings. For example, if they faced wildlife while wandering the jungles for hunting and searching for food, they would create pictures of wildlife when they arrived at the residences such as caves or ravines where they could stay away from the danger of wildlife.

Sometimes, they illustrated pictures of scenes, weapons such as Stone Age objects and significant scenes. Hence, we can assess the forefathers’ purposes for the creation of these mural paintings, their lifestyle of the created period, habitats and nature of wildlife, ancient climatic conditions, geographical conditions, ancient monuments, religious edifices, use of colourful paints in mural paintings and ingredients in making the colourful paints.

Some mural paintings disappeared in the impacts of bad weather and the destruction of humans. Some mural paintings do not disappear but visitors to the scenes wrote something on the mural paintings, especially at ancient monuments and religious edifices. Hence, letters inked by correction pens badly cover the invaluable mural paintings. Negligent acts of someone can destroy invaluable objects. So, the artistic works never return to normality.

As such, everybody needs to participate in the preservation of ancient objects such as mural paintings. It is because these paintings were created by ancient human beings. As they do not exist now, their original works of mural paintings cannot be created again. In taking a lesson from the unexpected disappearance of the mural paintings, all the people should join hands with the archaeologists and historians in the preservation of the ancient artworks and artefacts to be able to take pride in these works in the flourishing of culture and contemporary civilization of respective eras.

Hence, everybody, child or adult, takes care of their unintentional acts which may be harmful to any others and anything as destroying the artefacts or structures. On the other hand, they have to hand over any artefacts to the relevant departments for preservation to ensure the long term existence of cultural heritage in the country.