Save lives of not COVID-19 victims but honour employees from operation sites

July 20, 2021


THE Ministry of Health and Sports dutifully releases the infection rate of more than 5,000 CIVID-19 confirmed patients on a daily basis in addition to hundreds of deaths. Social network media mentions hundreds of dead bodies waited for their turn to receive cremation at respective cemeteries. Such undesirable scenes would be the black spots in Myanmar history.


In the third wave of the disease, the authorities raised public awareness of the pandemic and made preparations to provide prevention, control and treatment of the disease. On the other hand, the entire people underestimated the infection rate of the disease with carelessness. Meanwhile, small and large hospitals did not have a reliable number of medical doctors and staff for giving treatments to the people. In addition, fret families of patients faced red tape rules and regulations while facing the emergency of the patients.


It was reported that the government has comprehensive preparations for the COVID-19 treatment centres and hospitals. Philanthropic organizations should join hands with the government in giving healthcare to the patients without considering diverse attitudes, serving the interests of the people. The government needs to provide necessary assistance to those organizations as much as possible.


Recently, the government announced the long holidays for banning the infection of the disease with an act of people not to go elsewhere. The order affected office staff only. For example, the order totally affected staff from the administration section, the advertisement section, the publishing section and the accounts section and others at our daily newspaper. But, the order is not concerned with those from the editorial, the printing, the security, the computer and the transport sections and so on. Likewise, the remaining editorial staff are working from home till midnight.


Hence, it is necessary to honour those forgotten employees with fulfilment and uplift their morale. In today’s situation, they face difficulties having meals. They are trying to publish newspapers on a daily basis. A large number of employees from the operation sites can be seen in all ministries. So, we deeply request the authorities not to set aside the lives of forgotten employees. May all the people be physical and mental well-being!