Open the mind to recruit new ideas for improvement of societies

July 2

Building a new society or improving the society needs new ideas which can shape the society to be wonderful and pleasant for residents.

The opened mind means the mind or soul with nothing, especially a grudge against others. They must bear the white souls. Their concept and attitude must be appropriate to their minds.

So, the minds of the people can appreciate the advancement of the world which can be adapted for the relevant societies. On one hand, societies have the

chance to apply the best ideas in their interests. To do so, it is necessary to recruit new ideas from the world.

Everybody needs to open their minds to be ready to recruit new ideas. The open mind or soul can be filled with everything. For example, a drum filled with water cannot be added anymore but the empty drum can be filled with everything till the brim. Hence, the opened minded persons can recruit ideas of others to apply the modern knowledge and techniques in their interests.

The world is home to various kinds of societies in their respective countries. Every society is marching forward with its own ways and techniques. Some societies are applying the good ideas, some societies the better one and someones the best ideas. Hence, societies with an open mind are easy to recruit ideas from all societies.

These ideas can be applied for the improvement of relevant societies. These ideas can be applied as tools to rebuild societies. The open mind can analyze various kinds of ideas recruited from other societies what kinds of ideas are appropriate for them.

Actually, it is not easy to open the minds because it needs tolerance and patience for all. The people from societies with open minds need to have capabilities for enduring blames, attacks, misunderstanding, rude speech, hate speech, misconducts, assault, quarrel, etc., committed by others. Whenever faces attacks and assaults, those with opened mind must uphold tolerance and patience.

When the minds have been prepared to be opened, participants of the society or the whole society will have to enjoy the happiness. A happy society is the goal of the process for the opened minds.