Government  wishes  to  urge  the  people to have practices of democracy: Senior General

THE government will not totally derail from the way of democracy and will protect it, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 1/2021 of the Union Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar at the Office of the State Administration Council Chairman, yesterday afternoon.

First, the Senior General delivered an address, saying that the government has been taking State responsibilities for about eight months with regard to the political changes. After taking the responsibilities, various kinds of changes happened. This situation was triggered by forcefully unlawful acts to continuously seize the State power without legally solving the voting frauds in the 2020 multiparty democracy general election which caused the crisis in the country. After declaring the State of Emergency, the situations have emerged for solving the problems under the law. Officials and participants in the voting frauds can face action under the law but the elected representatives can face the cancellation of representatives. The general election is a very important process for a democratic nation, and those persons attempted to secure the victory in the election by turning a blind eye to the election process.

The Tatmadaw emphasizes the desire of the people. But, they need to follow the disciplines. Although they can do anything in unison if their acts are not in line with the law, such acts cannot be done. All things must be done under the law.

The government wishes to do anything under the law and discipline. The government wishes to urge the people to have the practices of democracy. The wish of the majority cannot be implemented against the law. It is necessary to hand over the malpractice to themselves and new generations.

At present, speeches and acts of CRPH and NUG are leading to terrorism. Likewise, EAOs related to them, directly and indirectly, participate in the terror acts. NUG and related organizations do not totally perform development tasks of the State and good things under the democracy but they urge all to commit the terror acts such as murdering and mine explosion for destroying the country. The government will not totally derail from the way of democracy and will protect it. The public service person nel take salaries of the State and they must be loyal to the State. Every democratic country allows public service personnel to cast votes under political freedom. It is necessary to complicate the politics and duty of service personnel.

Myanmar is facing the infection pandemic in the third wave which reached the highest rate in July but the infection rate is declining now. As the genetic change of COVID-19 is very rapid, it is necessary to continue preparations with farsightedness for the worst without carelessness. The government is making efforts for declining the infection rate to less than five per cent. Preparations must be made for the forthcoming fourth wave.

Relevant ministries should emphasize the production of an adequate volume of vaccines and medicines at home instead of importing them abroad. Those from the traditional medicine arena need to produce vaccines and medicines for COVID-19 based on herbal plants. In the economic sector, Myanmar has K11.892 billion worth of export and K12.260 billion worth of imports within 10 months budget period from October 2020 to July 2021, totalling K21.153 billion with some K368 million in the trade deficit. In comparison with the trade volume in 2019-2020 financial, trade volume declined 22.38 per cent.

More than 768,000 tonnes of palm oil was imported in the 2017-2018 financial year, over 370,000 tonnes in the 2018 mini-budget period, over 855,000 tonnes in the 2018-2019 financial year, over 888,000 tonnes in the 2019-2020 financial year and some 790,000 tonnes till 17 September this year. Hence, it is necessary to systematically consume palm oil. Likewise, efforts must be made for reducing the import of cement while cement production must be operated at home at full capacity.

At present, the country imports a large volume of fuel from foreign countries. People need to individually participate in the reduction of fuel consumption while relevant government organizations must seek ways to reduce fuel consumption. Aims must be set for driving buses and private cars with the use of electricity.

Generating electricity must use renewable energy such as hydropower, solar power and wind power. So also, it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption as well as a foreign exchange by applying renewable energy. Efforts are being made for the production of fertilizers from domestic plants. It is necessary to produce natural fertilizers through the wastes of animal breeding farms.

The Senior General stressed that the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Tatmadaw need to effectively expose and seize the narcotic drugs production and trafficking. Seizure of the drugs shows the areas of Myanmar where ethnic armed organizations control.

The income of the nation comes from taxes. The people need to have the conscience to pay necessary taxes to the State. Only when the government obtains taxes will it undertake the development of the nation and the socio-economic development of the people. Consequently, the country will be stable and peaceful.

The Union ministers reported on their respective sectors. In his concluding remarks, the Senior General pointed out that individual consumption of oil needs to be reduced and they have to consume oil for their health as an adult consumes more than 10 visses of oil per year. Sufficient production of oil at home can reduce spending on foreign exchange.

Cultivable lands are used in other ways without permission. Those who took the permits for land plots do not actually implement the allotted land plots. They have to abide by the policies of the land law. The motor road areas have been set in the country exactly. All need to effectively use the land plots. Officials systematically tackle the expansion of land plots into the road areas.

Priority must be given to the development of states with an enhancement of health and education sectors as well as job opportunities for the ethnic people. Only when the areas of ethnic people develop will the government win their trust. If so, the country can march into a stable, peaceful and prosperous situation for the country.

As the government is a shade for the people, the government will create pleasant and tranquillity for the people. Moreover, the government must implement the projects involved in the national planning law for the development of the states and the socio-economic improvement of the entire people.—MNA