Decorate residences with flowery and vegetable plants

July 5

Most of the urban people reside at housing apartments whereas the rural people live in houses in fences. Nowadays, most of the urban residences are lack of vacant land areas because these residences are formed at the apartments of high-rise buildings.

The houses not only in the sub-urban areas but in the rural areas have a lot of spaces except for the housing buildings. As such, residents from the houses have chances to grow any plants such as vegetables, flowery plants, small and dwarf plants and other greening ones. On the other hand, these plants decorate the residences to be more pleasant.

For the people residing at the apartments of housing buildings, they have rare areas of even other kinds of residences. Their apartments are similar to the bird cages. They miss the chance of even breathing freeze air and taking brighter sunray. Consequently, the people from the apartments are facing carbon dioxide on a daily basis. Moreover, their souls are under detention due to lack of chance to enjoy the greening facilities of environment.

Fortunately, there is a good way to solve such problem of rural people. In this regard, the rural people need to choose the way of growing the greening plants. Vegetables can bear kitchen crops to the families whereas flowery plants can be offered to the religious images or decorated themselves with flowers. As such, cultivation of vegetables or flowery plants never brings loss to the residents.

In addition, flowery plants can be used in decoration at the apartments and houses to be more beautiful. As a significant point, these plants can emit oxygen at day time for better breathing of the residents. Sprouts, fruits, flowers and leaves can be supplied to neighbours so as to create better relations to each other.

As such, the plants grown at the apartments and houses can be used as tools of better relations with neighbours to be unity in the society. Everybody should consider that cultivation of plants will never face loss in the society. Therefore, all the residents in both urban and rural areas should choose the best option for cultivation of vegetables and flowery plants in their spaces. GNLM