Create new destinations attracting local and foreign travelers

September 22


SINCE January 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disturbing the work process of the tourism industry in Myanmar unexpectedly. Its impacts terribly destroyed the tourism services to halt the operations, leaving many employees from hotels and tourism sectors including tour guides jobless.


Not only the hotels and tourism sector but various sectors are topsy-turvy in operating their businesses with undreamt losses. Many employers and labourers are still seeking jobs for their livelihoods so as to solve the kitchen problems while packing the heavy burden of debts. It is because sources of their earnings have deteriorated since the suspension of jobs.


Hence, stakeholders of the society need to seek the solution for the plights of the people by creating innovations for the people on how to earn income for their families. All stakeholders, employers and labourers should take a risk for their livelihoods with the best creations to attract the guests.


They all need to emphasize the manufacturing of value-added products to be exported for earning income as well as the setting of the new tourist destinations to attract the local and foreign travellers at first. It is because the tourism industry will be a starter for operating all other sectors. Incoming foreign tourists will expect to view the cultural heritage and traditions of national ethnics in addition to other specifically significant objects in the nation. Likewise, the outgoing tourists will bring the messages on attractive objects of Myanmar to their lands. Their messages are very important to be spread to all parts of the world.


The information about Myanmar will lure other global travellers. If so, it is a step for the enhancement of the tourism industry. Its improvement will help other sectors seeing development. However, it is necessary to know that the start of resurging every work process may be difficult. But, if such a step has been overcome, the following processes would be smooth. Such a process is similar to the Myanmar proverb which goes: “Difficulty shows ascending from a boat, descending onto a horse”.


Whatever it may be, everybody will not enjoy the taste of success in respective works without diligence, perseverance, endeavours and systematic moves. If they do, they will get things they do. Hence, they should try hard to change their dreams to truths in the future. GNLM