Create literary works on fiction to win the soul of readers

July 13

Reading is the best habit for all. Everybody in global countries needs to read for applying new knowledge obtained from books in the practical fields so as to uplift the living standard of the society and themselves.

The reading habit cannot be cultured immediately. It is because those who start to read need to utilize their strength of mind to thoroughly understand the expression from literature. Hence, the readers would be tired of reading. But those readers will not be tired of reading later when they are used to read various subjects of books. If so, they will be happy and active in even reading.

A Myanmar saying mentions the difficulties in various professions. Likewise, the start of reading would be difficult for somebody. This being so, the literature must have attractive to the readers. The books with attractive and interesting expressions will easily lure the readers by paving the way for them to reach the right track.

To be able to do so, writers need to apply their brilliant skills in the art of writing in the creation of literature. The masterpieces of literature will easily be attractive to the readers. At this juncture, the literature will steer the readers on how to choose the best genres of literature appropriate to them, how to note down the quotes from the literature and how to apply new and fresh knowledge from books in the practical fields.

In this regard, most of the readers possess a soft soul. The writers, therefore, need to create fiction literature to lure people to culture the reading habit. Those who have cultured the reading habit will have the capability to expand their scope to further choose the non-fiction books thanks to maturity in reading the fiction books.

In fact, reading is the most important in society. It is because those who have high reading skills can shape the world as they like. They can apply experiences obtained from reading to change everything in the world in the right or wrong way. That is why all the people need to nurture themselves as well as their offspring at a young age to culture the reading habit to be able to successfully shoulder to shoulder with others in the society.