Belgium between the stability of the current political situation

Because immigrants are faced with the economic crisis, many governments around the world. Especially in Europe and creating a more significant problem in the United States. Migration has to go on a problem for the resignation of government leaders.

Sent a letter of resignation

Belgium, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel also set the resignation supremacy. His main ally because of the problem of immigrants who resigned supremacy driven again, the Prime Minister said. Belgian Prime Minister, Mr Michel last week, the UN immigrants nationalists to accept the contract, such as there is no support for the New Flemish Alliance party.

Now, both the right-wing and the support of the center-left parties are faced with the pressure peaks in the car. His opposition are about Migration Policy of the accused to infringe on the sovereignty of Belgium.

Accumulate anger

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel problem the leaders of other European countries are also being hit. In France, President Kaman Nuclear I love Sharon to hold a moderate balanced politics, but the blow left side facing attacks.

Belgian prime minister until the resignation of Mr. Michel dividing occurred because migrants accept the United Nations Convention to accumulate in all her anger was involved with somebody. The center-left opposition are beyond one's capacity to environmental policies to reduce taxes were required to become affordable enough medical expenses.

parliament questioned

Mr. Michel's speech to the center-left opposition in parliament, In order to keep the dwelling  Alliance was asked as to whether we can. There is no religious belief in order to maintain the current situation in government. Thus, the citizens' interest in the next program, we work together there is a silent parliament Prime Minister asked. But the prime minister's request is not one bit. The center-left Party of the Prime Minister believe that the firm proposes.


So the Prime Minister Michel submitted his resignation letter from King Philip of Belgium during production. Belgium, the Belgian Prime Minister's resignation, the current instability has been highlighted. Today comes to the far-right in Europe comes to the left ends of center politician are facing difficulties to see if the car is the history of Europe in Oxford Professor Martin said. Already rich in talented technical pressure on the government is now, he said. The far-right-wing politicians announced their success.

Leaders from across Europe to be cautious about the next time she said. This time is a good time to listen to the public, a right-wing extremist party, the Vlaams Belang MP said.

Not publicly announced yet

That would get to the heart of Western Europe's center-left-right-wing government without political equal ruin in Europe is dominated by nationalist and commit identity slip indicator, he said. Mr. Michel put his resignation letter from King Philip King but he and the prime minister's resignation accepted not yet been publicly announced. Mr. Michel, aged 14 to 42 years and 2 serving prime minister in October. He was the most since 1841, the country's young prime minister a year. Now, because of his resignation has increased the possibility to call early elections in Belgium.

Mr. Michel, who helped protect Migration, the United Nations treaty. His view is supported by this contract to be a good opportunity for Europe to cooperate with its international has also increased.

Treaty critics, but also in Europe are expected Migration gloomy believe.


In July the UN's 196 member countries plan to secure agreed migration policy. The treaty, signed by 164 countries, the United States, The members of the European Union, including Austria, Hungary, Italian, Poland and Slovakia are locked in refusing to comply with the agreed contract. After that, the agreement in Brussels, complaining of thousands of protesters marched . Police water cannons to break up the demonstration, Police used tear gas Significance night. Opposed to migrants is becoming clear that in Europe 2 15 since.

More discontent

In France's economy appears to be unstable despite massive protests. Belgium at the grassroots situation increases the comfort satisfaction. This is a time of discontent UN agreement to send more people's temper stimulated herself.

Become a nightmare

Migrants' rights in Europe are now already like a nightmare. Having trouble getting this problem because the vast majority of governments across Europe are. Enormous influence Germany's Prime Minister Angela Merkel, who this movement because it's accepted image being dropped. Now migrants in Belgium contrary to the political crisis caused possess find out how to do that in Europe, will become the issue.

The BBC, quoting
The New York Times