Trump wants to host G7 after Nov. election


11 Aug

US President Donald Trump says he wants to postpone the G7 summit meeting until after the presidential election in November.

Trump, who is hosting the global meeting this year, told reporters at the White House on Monday, "I'm much more inclined to do it sometime after the election." He explained, "I think it's just a better, calmer atmosphere."

Trump said, "We could do it through teleconference or we could do it through a meeting" and indicated that the form of the meeting would continue to be discussed.

The G7 meeting has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some global leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel have expressed reluctance to meet in person.

Trump has spoken about plans to invite leaders of countries that are not G7 members. Asked whether he still intends to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, "I certainly would invite him to the meeting. I think he's an important factor."