Build peace and stability, development in Kachin State

MYANMAR stands tall as a sovereign country escaping from enslavement from colonialists thanks to the Panglong Agreement which turns the Diamond Jubilee Union Day soon.
Follow moral ethics contributing to society forever
Moral ethics are disciplines for specific societies. Although societies can be built in various forms, participants of the relevant societies need to abide by the disciplines adopted by the respective societies.
Firmly join hands to restore perpetual peace
ALTHOUGH all ethnic national people residing in Myanmar together have diverse customs and traditions, they all foster the family spirit and pay respect to each other.
Choose the best option for a learning opportunity

Strictly avoid abuse of allocated land plots, farmlands
THE governments in successive eras allocate farmlands, croplands, forest areas and public areas to the people for their livelihoods and residences.
Let’s take walking exercise for health and fitness
Myanmar people always talk about health conditions whenever someone suffers from the illness, using a saying that goes: “Health is Wealth”. However, the majority of people neglect the value of health conditions.
Struggle from corruption problems for shaping better societies
THE single word “corruption” is a severely destructive weapon to deteriorate society. Only when all members of the society avoid the acts of corruption ............