Rural road being constructed in Minbu 

Minbu, 8 December


Officials from the Township Department of Rural Development inspected the construction works of rural road in Minbu Township, Magway Region on 5 December.


The rural road measuring two miles in length, 10 ft. in width and nine inches in thickness is being constructed by Shwe Group Construction Company with Ks 33.2 million allocated by regional government in 2021-2022 fiscal years.


Once completed, it will benefit 8337 rural people from nearby villages and 16460 acres of farmland, helping them transport rural products to the markets in a timely manner.


In addition, the Township Department of Rural Development will construct three rural roads measuring three miles in length with Ks. 61.358 million in the Township, and agricultural products from farmland will be distributed to markets with saving time and money.—Nilar Htway(Township DRD)
Translated by JT