Restore perpetual peace covering all over the country

October 19


A total of 135 ethnic nationals residing in various parts of Myanmar have been inspiring perpetual peace for many years.


The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA is essential for restoring perpetual peace among the ethnic-national people. In fact, before restoring the peace, it is necessary to build mutual trust among them. Upon completion of building mutual trust, any organizations and persons will easily face one another at the tables of dialogue.


Mutual trust is the basic key to lock off the door of perpetual peace. The government, the Tatmadaw, ethnic armed organizations and stakeholders are trying hard to open such a door to be able to enter the peaceful, prosperous and public arena of the nation.


Holding up the mutual trust, all national brethren may frankly hold peace dialogues one after another to reach the agreements which will directly benefit the people. Ideas, concepts, stances, attitudes and aspirations of individuals and organizations will come true one day when the perpetual peace can be restored.


Hence, perpetual peace is concerned with all the entire people residing across the nation. They all have the right to enjoy the fruits of peace. They have the right to request all stakeholders to hold peace talks for seeking the best ways and means to overcome challenges in the talks. All stakeholders need to complete the peace dialogues as quickly as possible for enabling the entire people to taste the essence of the peace.


In this regard, all stakeholders should not need not to bring the past bitter experiences to the current era but they need to take lessons from these bitter ones to be shaped like the new strength for the nation-building tasks. Only when they restore the perpetual peace soonest, will the people build their new lives facilitated with peace and prosperity.


If the perpetual peace covers all over the nation, the entire people will have to enjoy the higher living standard as well as chance to touch all the fields. Those people can improve their lives in their respective fields. If so, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will be capable of modernizing itself. In the future, efforts for the peace process will be great milestones for the nationals and the nation unforgettably. GNLM