Funds of Emerald Green Project handed over in Pyu Township

Pyu 7 December


A ceremony to hand over funds of Emerald Green Project was held at Pyu Township Department of Rural Development, Taungoo District, Bago Region on December 6.


First, Chairman of Township Administration Council gave opening remarks and an official from the Township Department of Rural Development clarified the process of the project.  Then, the Chairman of Township Administration Council handed over K 30 million of funds of the project to Chairman of Zahar village Emerald Green Project Committee.


In Pyu Township, the Emerald Green Project was implemented starting from 2015-2016 FY. Development works including electricity supply projects, water distribution projects and construction of rural roads and bridges are being undertaken in 56 villages in the township.


Nay Myo Lwin (IPRD)
Translated by Suyee